Newsprint is a wind-up away from kicking the bucket. Maybe so. But not in Japan, really. Ironically, papers–yes the hard-copy kind–still enjoy a robust readership in the land of the rising sun due to its large aging population. Combined life expectancy in Japan in 83 years, so the dailies are not looking off the precipice just yet, but its only a matter of time. The kids in Japan are cell phone crazy, and the papers are picking up on this. The trifecta of Nikkei, Asahi, and Yomiuri, have jointly put out an iPhone/iPod touch app that lets one browse news headlines. Will this get the kids hooked on news? Maybe. Funny thing is, the iPhone has failed to impress most Japanese thus far. Their cell phones just do things ours don’t, even the ones with lower-case letters attached. Isn’t this kind of like a promo on VHS in this day and age?

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