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If you are in Japan donations to help relief efforts are easy enough to make through the Post Office ATMs, or the many convenience stores. But for those who don’t have to time to figure out how to make a donation from abroad, need a little incentive, or all of the above, but still want to contribute, here is a nice way of doing so. And it is incomparably more aesthetically appealing than those silly-looking colorful rubber things

For the next week or two, Corter Leather (handmade in New England) will be offering a special “For Japan” edition bracelet. Each one is $20, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross towards relief efforts in Japan. The bracelet comes in three sizes, is a natural 9 oz bracelet, with a hand painted red button to show support. Each comes in a nice cloth bag. Out of respect, there is no branding, no fancy packaging- just a reminder to help and remember.

Others have already mentioned this opportunity:,, just to mention a few.