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Moving along now on our short trip through Kojiki. In the previous post we saw really a mean-spirited little song from Yamato-takeru. A little smug of him. The story preceding the following song is very brief, essentially Yamato-takeru is travelling. Continue reading for the full analysis:

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Here’s an interesting story today from the Times of India. It seems that every once in a while the shadow of WWII again reminds us of how much Japan–yes, even today’s futuristic Japan–grew out of the war experience.

As promised in the earlier “Agenda” post, I will be working on classical Japanese poetry this semester. So, I’m kicking it off with a song from the Kojiki. This song is attributed to Yamato-takeru. Continue reading for the full analysis.

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I have recently read two article pertaining the Christian experience in 16-17 c. Japan. Both are from Nanzan University’s Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 2007, 34/1. The first is Peter Nosco’s “The Experiences of Christians During the Underground Years and Thereafter” [85–97] and Tomoko Kitagawa’s The Conversion of Hideyoshi’s Daughter Gō” [9–25]. Both of these should be accessible as PDFs in the links provided.

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So it would seem that most of the posts in the near future will involve classical Japanese literature in one way or another. Probably dealing more directly with poetry. The reason being: I am faced with a seminar on classical Japanese poetry this semester. Looks like its going to be pretty brutal. But I might as well make something of it. Look forward to more classical Japanese poetry in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the Japonesque blog. Your one stop shop for…ok, I’m not a strong believer in strong introductions.  Read the About page if you’re really curious. So ようこそ。。。終。

So I ran across this band on YouTube. I think they’re from Osaka. Haven’t made it big by the looks of it either. They call themselves 3 Bearded Monkeys. Check out the video below. That bassist is nuts!