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Residents of Osaka appear to be great sports. But I wouldn’t try this at KIX.

See the American versioby Tim from Trophy Wife Improv at:

So the Japanese PM can’t read too well. My self-esteem just shot up a notch. Because I, too, struggle with the kanji thing. Read all about it:

Continuing to mourn the passing of Emperor Tenji.




Two poems from the time the Emperor was interred at the temporary mortuary.

如是有乃 <懐>知勢婆 大御船 泊之登萬里人 標結麻思乎            [額田王]

かからむと  かねてしりせば  おほみふね  はてしとまりに  しめゆはましを

If only I had known before

That it would be like this

I’d circumscribe the harbor

Where your royal barge had docked!

Princess Nukata


八隅知之 吾期大王乃 大御船 待可将戀 四賀乃辛埼        [舎人吉年]

やすみしし  わごおほきみの  おほみふね  まちかこふらむ  しがのからさき

Do you wait in yearning

Shiga’s Karasaki

For the royal barge

Of my well-rested lord?

— Toneri no Yoshitoshi (?)

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